Why Stop Tesco?

The reasons are multiple.

Obvious issues are the traffic and the damage it will do to local business.

Traffic: Warley Hill is a busy road already, the Warley Hill Tavern (or Alexandra as it was), is opposite residential housing. There is car parking at the rear, but experience has shown that people calling at a shop, unlike those visiting a pub, don’t use the car park. Warley Hill will likely be turned into a car park, with vehicles parked on both sides of the road.

Local Business: There are currently a number of businesses on Warley Hill, including at least three convenience stores, two newsagents and an off-licence. We’ve already lost the only bakery in the area. The chances are that all these small businesses will be affected by the introduction of a major retail chain.

Choice & Value: One comment which has been made locally, is that ‘choice’ is a reason for having more Tesco stores, or that Tesco are cheaper. However, various studies, including this one from the Sunday Times, highlight the use of loss-leaders or exaggerated claims of price comparison. In terms of choice – the loss of local shops has led to experts predicting that someday “you’ll be able to shop anywhere, so long as it’s Tesco”.

Supply Chain: Wider issues include Tesco (and other Supermarkets’) approach to their supply chain – often using their position of power to force suppliers to sell at a loss or in some cases pay to stock products, damaging livelihoods and lives.

Environment:  Supermarkets source goods centrally and globally, not locally – therefore distribution creates more damage – the food industry is responsible for 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions. Tesco has some of the most energy inefficient buildings in the sector – air conditioning, vast quantities of refrigeration, all contribute to the damage. And as stated above, most will travel by car to the shop.

Animal Welfare: Perhaps most unpleasant are the stories, possibly a result of Tesco’s approach to the supply chain, of animal welfare – those cheap eggs, that cheap bacon – comes at a price, usually the animal involved.

There are many more reasons to worry about Tesco at www.tescopoly.org


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