What Can We Do?

We firmly believe that this process isn’t a foregone conclusion and Warley Hill can be saved – here’s a few things you can do:

  1. Write an email to your MP – in most cases, Eric Pickles – do that here – after around 10 letters or emails on the same subjects, MPs will often start to take a personal interest – don’t leave it to someone else, your email might make all the difference!
  2. Sign our petition – that can be done here
  3. Offer your help – if you can, get involved via stopwarleytesco@gmail.com.
  4. Contact your local councillor – though most are supportive, they need to know how much opposition there is – you can contact them here
  5. Finally, why not email or tweet tesco themselves: customer.service@tesco.co.uk – maybe even write to the big man himself here

It might seem like a foregone conclusion, but other campaigns like this have succeeded, the stop Stansted expansion campaign for example, has effectively stopped the destruction of hectares of unspoilt Essex countryside – together Warley can achieve the same.


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