Money money money…

Just for everyone’s information – Tesco, in an outrageous bid to eke out every last drop of money from the Warley Hill development – are appealing the ATM decision. Despite the clear message sent to them at the planning meeting where the application was declined.

We’ve sent the following, and would commend the same to anyone else who cares about Warley and its sustainable future to do the same:

To Brentwood Borough Planning Officer:

There are a number of failings in relation to sustainability that an ATM installation will impact in direct correlation to the National Planning Policy Framework:

1              Social sustainability – the installation of an ATM at that point will impact upon the area 24hrs a day. Unlike the former pub which will be licenced for certain hours. Therefore the noise and arrival / departure of cars will be felt on this particularly narrow stretch of Warley Hill at all hours. The antisocial nature of an ATM in that position is unsustainable socially and will lead to problems for local residents.

2              Economic sustainability – two nearby ATMs already exist, one within 50 metres, another within 80 metres an additional ATM will flood the area with unnecessary supply. Furthermore, the impact mentioned at (1) will certainly lead to a reduction in the values of local property, meaning that the installation would have a negative economic impact upon the investment and values obtained by hard working local residents.

3              Environmental sustainability – the street-facing nature of the ATM means that it will encourage passers-by to stop on the street in cars – this will in turn increase noise, and pollution in the area as traffic is delayed in Queues on Warley Hill – a careful study of traffic flow will be needed in order to justify such a move – the impact of a similar machine can be seen at the nearby Hanging Hill Lane installation where traffic queues and parking on the pavement are now a regular feature of the street scene. The only difference being that on Hanging Hill Lane, more space is available.

Quite apart from the above, the ATM isn’t needed or wanted by local residents. A 24hr cash facility will attract only antisocial behaviour, such as drug dealers and users, and undesirable elements.

Placing an ATM inside the store should be perfectly adequate for any responsible retailer with plans to be a ‘good neighbour’ – there is no possible reason for having a street-facing external ATM other than to encourage people to stop on the street and park their car illegally then to entice them into the shop. It’s both unsustainable and irresponsible.

Yours faithfully,


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