…The Financial Times seem to think so – their insistence on aggressively opening a series of unsustainable shops on every street corner in the country in a desperate attempt to homogenise every town and city in the land doesn’t seem to be paying dividends.

Profits are down once again, and the FT suggest Tesco need a strategy overhaul: http://www.ft.com/fastft?post=47012


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  1. This news in the FT doesn’t surprise me. If Tesco is allowed to subsidise its outlying smaller shops (in its quest to take over all grocery in UK) it will do so, even if it means losing prfoitability. Earlier in this dialogue, I mentioned the thought that the Government should not allow this to happen. Small Tesco shops will be subsidised by the larger super-markets and so won’t have to make a profit but will snuff out local opposition. Even Nations are not allowed this kind of dumping. Hopefully, these latest results will make Tesco think again, but too late for Warley Hill I’m afraid. A pity that we haven’t got a more active and interested council; and where was Eric Pickles in all this? Isn’t he our MP, as well as being a familiar figure on TV?

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