Sherborne Win!

The long and hard battle fought by the people of Sherborne has led to a victory for common sense and an end to the potential destruction of another high street in Dorset:

More information at

Are Tesco beginning to realise that their aggression isn’t acceptable? Are falling profits and share values a sign that Tesco can’t keep pushing and pushing to dominate everything and everywhere in sight? Could the length of time it’s taken to open the store on Warley Hill be reflective of a sea change in attitude by the monstrous retailer?

It seems unlikely. But for now at least, the people of Sherborne can breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that at least their town isn’t going to be decimated by yet another oversized mammoth of a store and Tesco.

Last week, Sainsburys also had a major application turned down in the Cotswolds – more common sense prevailing.

Shop local, shop independent, and support real businesses that genuinely contribute to the local economy.


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