Other councils have more teeth…

After Brentwood’s feeble politicking at planning recently, followers of this site might be interested to see the results of other local councils in recent weeks:

Teddington, Middlesex – Richmond Council have refused a supermarket application by Sainsbury’s. The plans for a Sainsbury’s local store were rejected by councillors due to the traffic impact, and signage considered detrimental to the conservation area. Campaigners from Say No to Sainsbury’s Teddington were supported by the local business community, and the Teddington Society. A full recording of the meeting can be viewed on the Council website here

Chesterfield, Derbyshire – Earlier this month, Chesterfield Borough Council turned down Tesco’s plan for an Express store on the site of the The Crispin pub for the second time. Tesco can turn the pub into a store without planning consent, but submitted two applications to demolish a conservatory and build an extension and for front and side alterations to the building. Councillors voted against the plans on the grounds of noise and traffic congestion. A campaign group “SAVE THE CRISPIN” actively opposed the plans and gathered a petition, against the proposals, signed by over 1,000 people.

In March four out of six applications concerning The Crispin Inn were turned down by town planners. Two applications were approved, for the installation of various signs on site. Others – to install plant equipment, fit a cash machine, make alterations and create an extension as well as disabled access ramp – were rejected. Tesco is appealing the council’s decision to reject an application for plant equipment and an ATM at the site.


What a shame Brentwood Borough Council don’t have the imagination or the willingness to protect our community and our heritage from the homogeneous onslaught of more and more supermarkets. Still, we’re sure folk will remember when election time comes…


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