Traffic – How Warley Hill Will Look…

Anyone who’s driven up Warley Hill in the past week will inevitably have been stuck in the traffic madness which has resulted from some temporary roadworks there.

Last night I was at the ‘Brentwood Tweetup’ – a gathering of the various people who use Twitter in Brentwood. Many of them were talking about the issue of traffic on Hanging Hill Lane.

“But what has traffic on the most notorious accident blackspot in the borough got to do with Warley Tesco?” – I hear you ask!

Hanging Hill Lane was the last road in Brentwood to be blighted by a Tesco. A Tesco with significantly more parking than Warley Hill. Around 15 spaces are provided at HH Lane, compared with the proposed 8 in Warley.

And the result? I went to take a look this evening. Thought it’d take me a while before I saw anything too bad. How wrong I was. Within five minutes, various cars pulled up, and either blocked the road or the pavement. Many didn’t park in front of the bollards but up or down from the shop, and most parked across the pavement. Most were using the cashpoint, but many went inside to do their shopping. All of them caused a hazard…

Around 6.30pm…


Then a few minutes later…


About 6.35pm…


Then 6.40pm…


And so it continued! And notice, the road and pavement here are wider than on Warley Hill. We can only imagine what will happen on Warley Hill when Tesco arrives with fewer parking spaces, ATM and a huge front door facing the main road.

[Edit] – some have proclaimed ‘but there’ll be bollards on Warley Hill, to stop this’ If you look in the second picture above, you’ll see there are bollards on Hanging Hill Lane – they’re only there to protect the cash machine, not the public. Tesco have one interest – and it’s not the people of Brentwood.


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