A reprieve – but not much of a reprieve…

The planning meeting which had been announced at late notice to include the Tesco Warley Hill development has been postponed.

Which is a relief, as some of us are half way around the world, but will be back for the next date which is in early July.

So, whilst others make plans for further over-development and damage to Brentwood’s community of local shops and local pubs, we’ll be planning our response and comment for the planning meeting.

It’s not much of a reprieve, but it does at least allow the issue to be fairly discussed, and will hopefully mean that any decision can be taken after councillors have taken careful and considered advice.

Interestingly, looking at the Essex County Council planning guide, the National Planning Policy Framework, and Resolution 42/187 of the United Nations, the development on Warley Hill would logically contravene them all. A point we hope out planning committee will bear in mind.

Watch this space!


Planning Meeting

We received information yesterday that a planning meeting on Tuesday next week will discuss the Tesco development – an astoundingly short period of notice. It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to put our views forward due to the short amount of notice provided.

However, every councillor in Brentwood has received the comments posted on this site and received by email – we’ll also submit a statement, and try to ensure that our points are made clear.

A local resident and an opposing group may make a submission at the planning meeting. The opposing group would be this website, but if you’re a local resident, contact planning by phone onĀ 01277 312620.

In the meantime – Tesco’s untruths are exposed in the latest East Anglian Daily Times here…


Houses houses…

Something that hasn’t been mentioned on this site yet is the fact that an extra shop in Warley might be useful. There’s a huge housing development in Clements Park, but no shop at all.

Of course the Tesco won’t be much use to the folk of Clements Park – very few of them will find it convenient for walking. Those who do use it will come and park on Warley Hill – adding to the madness of siting superstore on that location.

But – however did the developers get away with building the massive development in Clements Park without bothering to put in any shop at all? A little loose research this morning reveals there are around 500 properties at Clements Park.

And what does Essex County Council say about developments of 500 properties?

Let’s see, shall we?

“It is desirable that most larger developments incorporate a range of non residential uses… such as shops, schools… No development of more than 500 dwellings should be without such uses”

Not a single shop has been built in Clements Park (to the best of my knowledge) – they did manage to include a school and a doctor’s surgery, but how they managed to build all those houses with not a single shop is a mystery.

The Clements Park development also appears to contradict a number of other features of the ‘Essex Design Guide‘ – which is supposed to ensure residential developments in Essex are sustainable and appropriate.

Looks like our local council failed us – let us hope they don’t do so with the proposed development(s) on Warley Hill.