Your local shops and community need you!

Just 24 hours remain for submissions of objection to the new superstore on Warley Hill.

  • A new ATM
  • Online shopping services
  • Extended store
  • Long and late opening hours
  • Extra signage and lighting
  • Cooling and refrigeration equipment
  • Bollards splitting the pavement
  • New doors and structural alterations
  • New roller shutters

Are all part of the plan – but the council have it within their power to stop much of it. They just need to be reminded that it’s inappropriate. All the above, and just eight parking spaces, together with no changes to the narrow stretch of road, mean that this is possibly the most inappropriate location for a Tesco ever.  In the week a survey announced that 25% of high street shops could vanish. And purpose built retail units remain empty across Brentwood and along the High St.

Help your local shops, and preserve the community, visit or email today and let them know that this latest development is a Tesco too far.

Remember, Andrew Simms of the New Economics Foundation think tank said: ‘That one company can make such massive profits is a demonstration of equally massive market failure. Unless someone steps in we’ll soon be told: ‘You can shop anywhere you like as long as it’s Tesco.’


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