Time Running out for Tesco?

After the recent disastrous showing in the stock market and the huge losses on their failed project in the USA, could time be running out for the supermarket giant?

In Warley, we’ve a few days left to object to the plans to open a superstore (make no mistake that’s what’s planned) on the narrowest point of Warley Hill – opening all hours and offering online shopping collections as well as an ATM and added signage and lighting, the store promises to be their biggest and most intrusive in Brentwood so far.

Support for this campaign has been phenomenal, with over 1200 views of this site alone, many signatures on the petition and excellent comments which we’ll be submitting to the council.

However, please email your objections to planning@brentwood.gov.uk today. The deadline is the end of the month. 

The scale of the operation, with twice daily deliveries, constant traffic to the ATM and ‘click n collect’ service, along with everything else Tesco are promising will have nothing but a negative effect on our community. Sadly the law is not necessarily stacked in the favour of the community, but hopefully common sense is.

Objections to Tesco’s current plans (quite apart from those on the rest of this site) are:

Application: 13/00410/ADV: 9 no. Signs, 4 no Illuminated.

The signs and lighting will detract from the style of the building, and create light pollution through the night.

Application: 13/00406/FUL: Installation of 6 no Bollards

These bollards combined with the ATM will reduce the pavement to an extremely narrow passage.

Application: 13/00408/FUL: Installation of ATM

The ATM will encourage parking on the double-yellow lines, which won’t be possible to police 18hrs a day, and will reduce the passage on the pavement making it hazardous.

Application: 13/00409/FUL: External Alterations

The installation of automatic doors on Warley Hill will encourage parking on the hill and damage the appearance of the building beyond restoration.


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