Tesco? Why the fuss?

Some people ask us why the fuss about this Tesco.

” What’s the problem? It’s all good competition… if there’s demand, why worry? You’re just being NIMBY… You’re objecting for the sake of objecting… “

But there are serious problems. Many of them we’ve already been over – the location, the problem with the road being so narrow, the decimation of other local shops, the unsustainable treatment of the Tesco supply chain, the effect upon neighbours, the size of the extended building and the online shopping facilities, twice daily truck deliveries, etc etc.

However… I come from a town where everyone used to want a supermarket. Then two arrived – Asda and Sainsburys. Gradually, one by one, all the other shops disappeared.

There’s a Facebook page dedicated to the memory of that small market town. It has lists of long-gone shops – grocers, bakers, butchers, greengrocers, boutiques, clothes shops, and many more (sound familiar??). They’ve all vanished now.

But at least there’s a big supermarket which can undercut the prices of anyone else who tries to run a business nearby.

In the place of the little shops? A few pound shops, lots of takeaways and bars, late night fighting, but mainly dereliction and decay. I’ve not been back for a while – it’s too depressing to think what a great little community it used to be.

I don’t really want to see that happen to Brentwood. Let’s hope it doesn’t.


One thought on “Tesco? Why the fuss?

  1. Tesco has already cretead retail sprawl in Hanging Hill Lane, destroying the unique identity of a residential street. With a callous disregard for the existing small, newly refurbished and adequate local shop that is discrete and historical, Tesco’s greed knows no bounds. With an outlet already in the main shopping area of Shenfield, Tesco is determined to dominate cities, towns and villages to the detriment of all. Local people can halt this!

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