Tesco plan to move pub

A visit to the open meeting by Tesco today was most enlightening. Most entertaining of all, was the artist’s impression, featuring a re-modeled Warley Hill, and a pub which had been mysteriously moved around four foot back from the pavement, in a dreamy Utopian vision of a Tesco world.

Either Tesco plan to spend a LOT of money in the re-construction and re-location of the pub, or they’re trying to make their proposition more appealing than it is. I wonder which…

A local Councillor suggested that parking wouldn’t be a problem because it could be dealt with the same way as local schools using traffic wardens. He omitted to remember that traffic problems at schools are at two times of day only. Traffic problems at Tesco will be anywhere between 0600 and Midnight. 

The same Councillor incorrectly tried to convince the assembled public that NISA is a franchise scheme. For clarity, NISA is effectively a cooperative – a buying group that tries to help small shop owners compete with the retail giants.

Another Councillor happily declared that Warley Hill is too narrow at the point of the former Warley Tavern for a zebra crossing. Not too narrow though, apparently, for a supermarket giant, with ATM and ‘Click and Collect’ facilities.

The Tesco representative was totally unable to explain how parking would be controlled – saying that was the responsibility of other people. Which gives us great reassurance. So much for Corporate Social Responsibility – effectively ‘its not our problem mate’.

There were clearly many people upset and clearly frightened by the aggressive tactics taken by Tesco who appear to care not for the lives of local people and their children – but there’s lots of money to be made, and undoubtedly lots of people will be lured by the bright lights and the PERCEPTION of low prices.

I wonder if perhaps these councillors, so enthusiastic for the support by Tesco of local charity and crossings, might be convinced to secure Tesco stocking veg from Calcott Hall, or beer from Brentwood Brewery, or Bread and cake from a local baker?

Remember – this is NOT a fait accompli yet.

Others have succeeded in stopping Tesco – with enough support, the same might stop Brentwood from becoming the supermarket hub of Essex.


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