Open Meeting – Tesco

Local councillors William Lloyd and Karen Chilvers met with Tesco last week. They will be holding an open session in the Essex Arms on Wednesday 13 March from 4pm-7pm – which should rule out most commuters, but still hopefully it’ll give some a chance to find out what the plans are.

Cllr Chilvers has helpfully posted information from the meeting here

Some of their main points from the meeting:

  • Opening – Tesco want licence from 6am to Midnight
  • Litter – Tesco made no commitment to clearing litter but might add some bins
  • ATM – will be added to the front of the store
  • Lighting and signage – will be added, lights to turn off no more than 15 mins after store close
  • Deliveries – daily deliveries, and 4x weekly deliveries by a 16 tonne truck, “similar to Greene King” – did Greene King deliver daily? We doubt it.

A 16 tonne truck? What’s that? – Well research suggests it might be this: 

But who knows – it could well be an articulated truck with a 16 tonne tractor…

Unfortunately not many of us who work will make it to the Essex Arms, but please go along if you can.


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