Cheeper – the cost of Tesco Express…

A little addendum to the last post – some might be confused over the differences between Tesco’s Metro, Express, Extra and Superstore offerings and the prices they charge.

Essentially, Tesco are a commercial enterprise – they charge what they can, where they can. That’s how they make a living. They will push heavily (and with their immense buying power, that’s very heavily) on their suppliers to cut costs. But they also won’t shy away from charging customers what they think they can get away with locally.

We were thinking of doing a study of the different prices. But luckily, someone beat us to it.

Read this article from where 12 out of 20 items were more expensive, and many cheap items just not available in Tesco Express at all.

In Bristol a campaign group compared items with local shops – 26% more expensive @ Tesco.

Even Tesco’s own website says:

Tesco Express and Tesco Homeplus purchases are not included in Tesco Price Promise. That’s because it’s not possible to fairly compare these store types with Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons large stores and online grocery websites. (

And another campaign did a price comparison here – 15% more @ Tesco.

If you prefer a less authoritative approach, try this article in the Daily Mail which found that all products in part of the Tesco empire were 14% higher.

We could go on, but the average seems to be that Tesco Express are about 15-20% more pricey than existing local shops. And they’re certainly not matching superstore or ‘Extra’ prices.


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