Horsemeat – Are Tesco Running Scared?

A confession: I shopped at Tesco. A long time ago…

…so I’m on their mailing list. Today I received an email from them about the horsemeat scandal.

It talks of ” rigorous processes” and “we will set a new benchmark”, and “a plan to build a world class traceability and DNA testing system”, and the list of preventive measures Tesco are taking goes on and on. Quite ground-breaking.

It all sounds like someone at Tesco is very concerned about the effect their apparent recklessness might have (or is having) upon their bottom line.

And frankly, for me that’s no a bad thing – if it encourages quality, so be it.

But it makes me wonder, why didn’t Tesco think of all this wonderful, revolutionary food safety before they started serving up fraudulently produced untraceable meat to their customers? Was it because they didn’t care? Because they’ve become too big to care? Or because they simply thought nobody would notice?

It is to be hoped that the longer this scandal continues, the more people will realise the damage ‘cheap’ food has to our nation’s health and our high streets. Local butchers are reporting an increase in sales, and for local shops hopefully the same will be true.

Some places need a little supermarket. Some places would benefit from a late shop. Unlike those places, we’ve got both on Warley hill already, as well as four nearby Tescos, perhaps it’s time Tesco focused on doing things well, instead of just doing lots of things? SW


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