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Another week, another headline in the local paper – this time on the split in local politics. It seems one side are seeking to out-do the other on the battle against Tesco.

The article highlights the effect Tesco can have on a community. They’ve not even started building yet, and already there are arguments and divisions. Which probably suits Tesco – while politicians squabble and the community is divided, they carry on with their empire.

Our aims are hopefully clear:

  • We don’t think the addition of another Tesco to Brentwood will be helpful.
  • We think the location is inappropriate, and will lead to traffic problems.
  • Having lost the bakery, we want to ensure our remaining local shops stay strong.
  • We’re completely non-political and campaigning to minimise the negative impact of a potential high street giant on Warley Hill.

Sadly it seems we’ve not got the support of Eric Pickles or some local politicians, but we had hoped people could work together for the common benefit of the area.

Nonetheless, we’ll continue to work to try and help the local shops and as much as possible encourage Tesco to think about the appropriateness of this location for it’s next shop. As a non-political group, we hope that everyone can see the sense in working together on ensuring the best solution for local families and businesses.

Thanks to everyone for their support so far!


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