A vision of the future…

So – one individual helpfully observed that 14,000 cars a day (I think it was day) happily use Warley Hill with no problems.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the Woodford Green Tesco location. Now, in terms of location, no problem – it’s actually re-vitalised a previously run-down shopping area of Woodford.

However, in terms of traffic…

Note the van parked on the pavement. Behind this Tesco is a large public car-park. But nobody uses that. Because they’re only popping into Tesco! IMG-20130203-00068

And this is the view looking the other way – cars parked in the bus stop – note that this is a MUCH wider street than Warley Hill. People regularly park on both sides of the road, blocking traffic in both directions, and when the buses come along, nobody can get by. IMG-20130203-00069


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