RIP The High Street (or Warley Hill?)

Here’s an interesting article

The author makes the point that increasingly, people – particularly when times are hard and they lead busy lives – will head for the supermarkets. Primarily because they see them as cheaper, more convenient, etc. I actually thought so myself. Until I actually compared the options.

It takes longer to shop at a few shops – yesterday we did a lot of shopping on Warley Hill – bread and groceries on the Hill, then had to head over to Shenfield for meat, and Calcott Hall for our first ever visit for some other bits. But it was all a feature of the day.

In terms of cost, we spent about £35-£40 on the entire weekly shop. If we go to Sainsburys or Asda, it usually works out about the same. So cost-wise, there’s little in it. Supermarkets are great at making us believe they’re doing us a financial favour! They’re not. Otherwise they wouldn’t be making billions each year.

A couple of people have asked why we want to stop Tesco – there’s a few reasons here. My own personal objection is the position – and the following are my own personal views… – the pub on a narrow stretch of Warley Hill is inappropriate.

To my mind, another Tesco, perhaps in the middle of Clements Park might not be too bad, or even down on Kings Road – it’s a shopping area, and an additional store might add variety. But footfall to the former pub on Warley Hill can have nothing other than a negative effect on other shops on Warley Hill. The traffic problem will be significant, of that there can be no doubt. And Tesco’s predatory approach to pub takeovers is clear – it’s been discussed in parliament and in the news more times than anyone can care to remember.

However, thanks again to everyone who’s supporting this campaign, and hopefully together we can keep momentum up and encourage Tesco to think again about the suitability of its latest acquisition.


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